Build a tested, sphinx-based website from notebooks

Nbsite lets you build a website from a set of notebooks plus a minimal amount of config. Sites built with nbsite include http://pyviz.org/ and https://datashader.org/.

The idea behind nbsite is that notebooks can simultaneously be documentation (things you want to tell people about), examples (a starting point for people to run and use themselves), and test cases.

To get started using nbsite, please see the user guide. However, please note that this is a pre-release version of nbsite. If you use nbsite, you may subsequently have to change your config on upgrading to a newer version of nbsite. You will likely encounter limitations (not all of the above ‘idea behind nbsite’ is easily available yet via this project) and problems. However, please file issues or ask questions on GitHub

At some point soon we will describe when you should or should not consider using nbsite instead of various alternatives, including:

Notes for nbsite developers: Development

Work-in-progress sites built using nbsite (currently present to keep keep track; will eventually remove):